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Best Fort to Explore In Jaipur - Amber Fort


Amber Fort, also known as Amer Fort, is a magnificent fort located in Amer, a town near Jaipur, the capital city of the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The construction of Amber Fort was initiated by Raja Man Singh I, who was a trusted general in the court of Emperor Akbar. The fort was later expanded and renovated by successive rulers of the Kachwaha dynasty, who ruled the region.

Amber Fort is renowned for its stunning architecture, a blend of Rajput and Mughal styles. The fort is made of red sandstone and marble, and it overlooks Maota Lake, creating a picturesque setting. The fort complex comprises several palaces, temples, gardens, and courtyards, each with its own unique features and attractions.

Some notable features of Amber Fort include:

  1. Diwan-e-Aam: This is the Hall of Public Audience where the king used to meet the common people and listen to their grievances.

  2. Diwan-e-Khas: The Hall of Private Audience, where the king would meet his ministers and special guests.

  3. Sheesh Mahal: Also known as the Mirror Palace, it is a stunning hall adorned with intricate mirror work. The craftsmanship is such that even a small ray of light gets reflected in multiple mirrors, creating a sparkling effect.

  4. Sukh Niwas: This is the Hall of Pleasure, where the kings would relax during hot summers. It is equipped with a unique cooling system using water channels, which would cool the air and create a pleasant atmosphere.

  5. Shila Devi Temple: Located inside the fort complex, this temple is dedicated to the goddess Kali. It attracts a large number of devotees, especially during religious festivals.

To explore the fort, visitors can either walk up the steep slope or choose to ride an elephant, which is a popular and traditional way to ascend to the main entrance. Inside the fort, there are pathways and stairs that connect the various sections of the complex.

The best time to visit Amber Fort is during the cooler months between October and March when the weather is pleasant. The fort is usually open to visitors from morning until evening, and there is an entry fee for both domestic and international tourists.

A visit to Amber Fort offers a glimpse into the rich history, architecture, and culture of Rajasthan. It is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Jaipur or exploring the royal heritage of India.